Hello and thank for visiting my website! My name is Jovan Luna and I'm originally from El Paso, TX. now residing in Glendale, CA. I'm currently attending New York Film Academy pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Acting for Film. I'm still very active in various projects and attend auditions weekly while managing school and family life.

I've always had an interest in the arts from music to painting and acting! I used to be in the Armed Forces (U.S. Army from 2001-2013) and during my 3 deployments, I always brought my guitar. It kept me sane and creative in such a stressful environment. Expressing oneself creatively is paramount to a healthy and fulfilled life and as actors and writers the more fined tuned our skills are, the better the expression! I've been in this business for under a year and have worked on projects for Pepsi, Panera Bread and many others in this short amount of time.

I've just recently finished up two films that have been accepted to multiple film festivals nationally and internationally. I'm also working on a television pilot currently looking for a network. I've recently written a television pilot and currently writing a children's screen play.

When I'm not working I'm always still creating! My wife and I are working on a children's book series as well as a podcast that airs new episodes weekly and in some cases daily.